Look. You're only as good as your latest release"


ABOUT Earcandy

The person who told me this was a customer who just so happened to have had multiple number one hits in Europe.


This guy had it all; hits, money, success and ... well you know; all of that.


The thing was; he was constantly afraid of releasing his next masterpiece in fear that it would flop and that he would be out instantly out of work.


I decided at the time that I didn't want that. I didn't want to be afraid that my next release didn't make it. So I decided to do what he seemed to have forgotten. I wanted to do what I think is fun - not doing what I think you as a customer will need or want.


I will most definitely never get a number one hit anywhere, but I will do all I can to  provide you with products that could potentially get you there.


I have been delivering samples for other sample bank creators for years but decided to give it a go myself. I mean; why not? I have always been somewhat surprised by the effects, EQ and other "icing" done to the samples I delivered by the creators before release. Things that I thought kind of destroyed the original tone and feel of the samples.


You see. I prefer samples that are as dry, clean and crisp as they come. I am a grown man and I can add my own flavor to my samples should I want any. Therefore we at Earcandy strive to deliver the most interesting and best sounding products. Products we would buy ourselves and products that are as dry and naked as possible. There will be effects added to some of our products but we will tell you why it was added.


The rest of the team here at Earcandy are just as enthusiastic about samples and sampling as I am . It June sound like a cliché but we all do what we're best at. Be it sampling, doing graphics or any other aspect of creating professional sounds for you.



     Kenneth Borlund