For the second year in a row we are immensely proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2019 AES LAC Competition 2019.


To us AES has always been a vital and important part of music knowledge worldwide spanning more than eighty years.


Being able to provide our products to some of the winners of the AES LAC Competition is a no-brainer and we are very happy to do so.


Our sample libraries are definitely not something you will find anywhere, and we hope the winners will be able to take their music endeavors even further spicing up their tracks or audio productions with some of our high quality products.


We hope to be able to strengthen our relationship with AES in the future and we wish all the participants the best of luck.


For more info on AES LAC look here.



Welcome to Earcandy

We produce high quality sounds for you to use in your everyday music endeavors.


Our samples are nowhere else. We ONLY use Earcandy produced samples and you will never find the same samples in two of our product unless it makes sense and then we will tell you about it.


We take great pride in everything we do and we are always willing to hear your feedback; good or bad.


We have three different product groups; the Authentic Collection, the Omnia Collection and the free Gratis Series.


The Authentic Collection are banks made to 1:1 copy the sounds and vibes of real instruments.

These are mainly rare and different instruments. But beware; you will find no Minimoog, TR-808, Oberheim SEM, or Buchla samples here. It has already been done and we will leave that task to other people.


The Omnia Collection are made up of samples that can come from a myriad of sources. The Omnia Collection are not made to copy any specific instrument but can easily contain samples from the same source. Difference is that we decided to add features and functionalities not found on the original sources.


The Gratis Series are free products. Either banks that are made for fun, or sounds from products that were never finished.

We give them to you free of charge. No registration so you will receive newsletters all the time. Just a simple download.


Should you want to receive our newsletters feel free to send us an email and we will add you to the news list. We do NOT give or sell your information to anyone and we will NOT send you emails on "partner products".


Well - we don't even use cookies on our website or any other way to follow or track you around on the Internet.

Yes; we are definitely against big brother.


Take a look around;

  The Earcandy Crew.